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Lockdown Ganesh Chaturthi

Festivals always meant shopping for me. Only the items I shop for will differ. I think it’s true for everyone of us. Already Tamil New Year came during pandemic. Complete lockdown was in place. I could not shop much. Just managed to celebrate with whatever I had. But when Ganesh Chaturthi approached and could not see any relief in Covid 19 situation, I was upset. Because every Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated by us for all 10 days. The festival shopping starts with buying of Ganesha. I always prefer eco friendly Ganesha made of mud bought from a particular shop which is few km away from my place. This year I was wondering where to go for the same. I didn’t want to risk going out and ...Read More

National Policy of Education-2020: Part 4 - Multilingualism - B

In the series of my blogs about National Policy of Education 2020, I already discussed about the aspect of multilingualism to an extent. This blog is going to be the extension of the previous blog. In case you have not read my previous blog please visit this Link India is a land of diversity in culture, traditions and of course languages too. Indian languages are among the world's most richest, scientific , beautiful and expressive languages. We have large number of ancient as well as modern literature (both prose and poetry), film, and music written in these languages. They represent our identity and wealth. For purposes of cultural enrichment as well as national integration, all children ...Read More

National Policy of Education-2020: Part 4 - Multilingualism - A

In the series of my blogs about National Policy of Education 2020, I am going to discuss about the next important aspect of the policy which is debated the most i.e. introduction of multilingualism. Before going into details listed in policy I would like to write about what is the Multilingualism. What is multilingualism? Learning two (or more) languages at the same time is known as multilingualism. What are the benefits of learning multiple languages at a time? Is there any disadvantages in being multilingual? These are the important aspects which are going to be addressed before diving into the details enlisted in the policy. Advantages of being Multilingual: Many developmental ...Read More

New Policy of Education-2020 : Part 3

Restructuring school curriculum & Pedagogy in a new design Curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school or in a specific course or program. Pedagogy refers to the method and practice of teaching. As per the new policy ,the curricular and pedagogical structure of school education will be reconfigured to make them responsive and relevant to the developmental needs and interests of learners at different stages of their development, corresponding to the age ranges of 3-8, 8-11, 11-14, and 14-18 years, respectively. The curricular and pedagogical structure and the curricular framework for school education will therefore be guided by a 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 ...Read More

New Policy of Education-2020 : Part 2

In my previous post I had restricted myself to ECCE being introduced as part of NPE2020: Its importance and the details as per the policy. In this part I thought I will address the next important aspect of the policy i.e. curtailing Dropout Rates and Ensuring Universal Access to Education at All Levels. India’s near universal enrolment in school through initiatives like Sarva Shikha Abhiyan and the Right to Education hides two major challenges of school education: High dropout and Low attendance. Children dropping out or not attending school results in loss in productivity of the education system and reduces human resource development. Dropouts are likely to be engaged in semi-skilled ...Read More